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Knowledge is the ultimate solution
We stand committed in our endeavour to provide individualized academic focus and opportunities for creative expression of our students at all levels of development to achieve the objectives.
Western Grammar is committed to establishing a dynamic and supportive learning environment in which all students can become caring and considerate citizen of Australia.


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Our Aims & Objectives

Our main aims and objectives are:

  • To provide opportunities for students to develop their potential in a supportive educational environment.
  • To provide quality education in the Key Learning Areas as stipulated by the NSW Board of Studies.
  • To establish a learning environment that is disciplined yet caring and pleasant.
  • To encourage our students to be critical thinkers, creative and problem-solving.
  • To encourage teachers to seek professional growth that would enhance their teaching skills and strategies.
  • To promote effective communication amongst students, parents and teachers.
  • To uphold the Western Grammar Motto (Slogan) and School Rules.
  • To promote the achievement of excellence among students.
  • To emphasise co-operation and teamwork as essential skills of life.
  • To help and encourage positive relationships with parents and the broader community.
  • To places priority on basic skills in reading, language and mathematics.
  • To provide a balanced educational experience for pupils, covering all areas of the curriculum to recognise and develop different abilities.
  • To encourage an attitude that regards the efforts and achievements at all levels.
  • To provide opportunities to further develop communication skills.
  • To seek and encourage a two-way contract between home and school for mutual trust.
  • To utilise the extensive potential and interest of parents for ultimate benefit of the students.

The School foremost purpose of these aims and objectives is the development of the whole personality, intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically and the development of individual talents and abilities.

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