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Knowledge is the ultimate solution
We stand committed in our endeavour to provide individualized academic focus and opportunities for creative expression of our students at all levels of development to achieve the objectives.
Western Grammar is committed to establishing a dynamic and supportive learning environment in which all students can become caring and considerate citizen of Australia.


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Our Mission

We accomplish to go through our vision by developing an infrastructure with a network of services providers, to provide affordable, accessible and quality education, and operational expertise across Australia. We offer quality teaching and quality management so that, on a holistic level, our contributions benefit the community, the country and the world.

We aim to provide student with a formal education that meets and adheres to the curriculum guidelines provided by BOS to provide children with an education that equips them with moral and social values that best prepares them to be active and positive participants in the wider Australian community.

We aim to facilitate an environment in which students develop a positive, purposeful view of the future for themselves and for the wider community. We aim to establish a place of learning and teaching that is safe and happy both for students and teachers alike. A place which best reflects the needs and expectations of the community, and that provides opportunities for the students to enjoy success and recognition and make a useful contribution to the life of fellow mankind.

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