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Knowledge is the ultimate solution
We stand committed in our endeavour to provide individualized academic focus and opportunities for creative expression of our students at all levels of development to achieve the objectives.
WG is committed to establishing a dynamic and supportive learning environment in which all students can become caring and considerate citizen of Australia.


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Our Theme

Western Grammar’s educational theme is based upon the three mainstays of life. The three basis of our theme are interrelated with our slogan. We will constantly promote these spines of life through educational programs and setting the education environment within our institution.

So it is important to understand the educational theme of Western Grammar which is

Solidarity Self Esteem Success
Solidarity is not a sentiment but a fact and is an environment at Western Grammar Western Grammar Students will experience the success that is essential for building Self-Esteem. Western Grammar strives for success, character building and brilliant future of the next generation.

The meaningful colours are purposely allocated to each sub branch of our theme. At all times we will also display our educational theme through extracurricular activities.

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